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Accelerate Lead Response

Enable sales teams to power through call lists via an integrated dialer, send and track emails, and connect with leads in a more engaging and meaningful way.


Optimize Sales Practices

Create and enforce insight-driven sales workflows so that every sales agent takes the optimal action.


Prioritize Daily Sales Activites

Prioritize the leads and opportunities your reps work and continuously serve up the most important activity relative to the leads they own.


Gain Deeper Funnel Insights

Comprehensive analytics provide full visibility of the sales cycle to isolate optimization opportunities, identify high performing activities, and drive continuous sales process innovation.

“LeadManager paired with Dial-IQ have helped us dial a new lead within seconds positioning us to be among the first to contact a prospect and as a result we have achieved a 90% contact rate.”
David W.
Trusted by Industry Leaders
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Velocify by Ellie Mae® provides a sales acceleration software platform that helps high-velocity sales teams turn more prospects into customers.

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