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What if we told you 33% of leads don't receive a single call after submitting an online inquiry? That's a lot of missed opportunity. It's surprising, but it's true. Sales Lead Response: The Ugly Truth Behind Call, Voicemail, and Email Practices reveals what's really going on when it comes to the inbound lead experience. Download the study to learn how some sales teams are missing golden opportunities and how you can avoid common voicemail and email content and delivery pitfalls.

This study is crafted for sales leaders who want:

  • A better understanding of how other sales teams are responding to leads
  • Actionable insights they can apply to their call, voicemail, and email practices
  • Tips on how to test their buyers' online inquiry experience

Velocify by Ellie MaeĀ® provides a sales acceleration software platform that helps high-velocity sales teams turn more prospects into customers.

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